Yemen in harrowing photos

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has released a dozen photographs. All of them described a harrowing depiction of the current state of nature in war-torn Yemen.

To get its hands on the pictures, the humanitarian body enlisted the services of six young Yemeni photographers from six different regions across the country, which has turned into the scene of the world’s worst humanitarian crisis over five successive years of a Saudi Arabia-led war.

Some reports have put the death toll from the war at tens of thousands. The whole country itself is teetering at the edge of outright famine, while al-Hudaydah, its lifeline western port is under the strict control of the invading Saudi-led coalition.

• Members of the International Committee of the Red Cross trying to investigate the aftermath of airstrikes in Yemen’s capital Sana’a:

Fotos: ICRC

• A group of children play football against a backdrop of destroyed houses in the city of Sa’ada in northwestern Yemen:


• A boy uses dirty water and a small basin to clean himself at the al-Malika camp for the internally displaced, east of Ta’izz :


• A boy collects scrap from piles of trash that litter the Tai’zz city:

• A severely malnourished infant is seen at the al-Salam Hospital in Sa’da’s Province’s capital of the same name, where he has reached following a long journey from the village of Saqayn, elsewhere in the province:


• A displaced woman, responsible for her granddaughters as well, checks her food, sitting somewhere in the Crater district of the coastal city of Aden, south of Yemen:

• This is all what this group of women from the city of Hajjah in northwestern Yemen is left with Pieces of cloth that make up a wobbly tent and some snacks that they sell to make a living:

• These two children in the city of Ma’rib, east of Sana’a, don’t have any toys to play with. They have assembled a three-wheeled cart for some after-school fun and games:

• An elderly man is back from inspecting his house in the al-Jahmaliah District of Tai’zz Province, in southwestern Yemen:


• Two siblings from al-Hudaydah wait inside a dark and unventilated shabby shelter their family took refuge in while fleeing violence along Yemen’s Red Sea coast:

• Unable to afford a back-pack, this boy in Sana’a uses a bag of rice to carry his books:


With info from PressTV

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