Verbal attacks before elections in Brazil

Just three days before the elections in Brazil, candidates Bolsonaro and Haddad are thrown with heavy ammunition, and although both lead the polls, none would reach the presidency in the first round.

The far-right Jair Bolsonaro and progressist Fernando Haddad, who replaced Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in the candidacy, today exchanged harsh attacks. Both candidates lead the polls with ease and intensified the onslaught in the final stretch of the campaign: Bolsonaro arrives with 32% of intention to vote, compared to 21% of the candidate of the Workers’ Party (PT).

The right-winger recovers at home from the injuries suffered during a stab wound earlier this month. “Our country does not deserve to be governed from inside the jail or by its political godchildren disguised as options, but with the same essence that destroys us,” the controversial candidate said in a message posted on his Twitter account. “We are going to come together to prevent them from destroying Brazil,” he added in his message.

After the accusations, Haddad, who had avoided the direct attacks against Bolsonaro, stressed that the Social Liberal Party’s standard bearer embodies a “threat to democracy and social peace” in Brazil. Haddad, who assumed the PT’s candidacy on September 11 after Lula’s political disqualification, called Bolsonaro “fascist” and warned that, in other times, “Germany and Italy have already voted for people like him.”

Polls speak in elections in Brazil

According to the latest polls, no candidate will get more than half of the votes in the elections in Brazil on Sunday, so Bolsonaro and Haddad will have to measure themselves in a second round on October 28, in which they are technically tied in intention to vote The options of the ballot are minimal for the rest of the rivals, since the Labor Ciro Gomes has 11% of the sympathies and the Social Democrat 9% of intention to vote, while the support of the ecologist Marina Silva has collapsed until the 4%.

Gomes, who disputed the vote of the left with Haddad, focused his criticism on Bolsonaro and urged him to go to the last debate that will star in the candidates today on Globo Television, the most watched. The right-wing leader gave up on medical recommendation, as he still recovers from the stab wound earlier this month when he was campaigning in the city of Juiz de Fora and kept him hospitalized for three weeks.

You can not stop going to the debate. You are lying and a false medical certificate is a crime. Go to the Globo debate and show that you are a three-real bill (nonexistent)”, Gomes said, after doctors advised Bolsonaro not to participate in any activity that could tire him or force him to speak for more than ten minutes.

Silva, who is contesting his third presidential race in the elections in Brazil, insisted that the priority for the country is to “regain credibility by electing a president who is not governed by violence or the sword of corruption.” The former environment minister asked in Rio de Janeiro voters who go to the polls but not “to repeat with more corruption” or to “risk the future of our children with the sword of violence proposed by Bolsonaro”.

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