US proposes a naval blockade to Russia that would mean war

Attempts to use the United States Navy to block trade in crude oil and derivatives from Russia would amount to a declaration of war, according to international law,” said the head of the Information Policy Committee of the Russian Senate, Aleksey Pushkov, commenting on a report by US Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, who suggested that the US could act to prevent Russian energy from reaching the Middle East markets.

Pushkov described Zinke’s assertion that the expansion of trade is the real reason behind Russia’s participation in Syria as “meaningless“.

The idea that Russia could supply power to the Middle East, which is literally “overflowing with oil,” is far from reality, Pushkov said. In fact, Russia does not supply energy to the region, which in itself is a major oil exporter, and has never announced plans to do so.

Russia has how to respond

The Russian deputies described Zinke’s words as ‘disturbing’. It is worrying that our partners are once again resorting to threats, sanctions and hostile actions instead of discussing international problems,” said Anton Morozov, member of the International Affairs Committee. He also said that Russia “has to respond”, but that such actions would only lead to an escalation of tensions, and instead called for dialogue.


Washington seems to be upset by Moscow’s international trade. The Trump government has been seeking to replace Russia as Europe’s main gas supplier by boosting exports of US liquefied natural gas, although Russian gas is a cheaper option for Europe.

US officials, including President Donald Trump, have repeatedly pressured Germany to abandon the “inappropriate” project of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which will double Russia’s natural gas transport capacity to 110 billion cubic meters. Although Moscow has repeatedly declared that it is a purely economic project, Trump says that it will make Germany “captive” of Russia.

Sanctions on weapons from Russia

The United States is not focusing solely on energy trade, as it has also threatened to impose sanctions on countries that buy Russian weapons in what could be another example of competition between the two nations. However, these efforts seem in vain.

Recently, India cleared the way for the purchase of Russian frigates and air defense systems. Turkey also challenged US threats and said it does not need anyone’s permission to buy Russia’s S-400 missile systems. Even a close ally of the United States, Saudi Arabia is now in talks with Russia to buy the same defense systems.

Moscow has repeatedly denounced US attempts to hinder its trade under various pretexts, such as unfair competition.

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