Kim Jong Un will invite Pope Francis to North Korea

The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, has invited Pope Francis to visit Pyongyang in a gesture to face the efforts of peer on the Korean peninsula, as reported by the presidential office of South Korea, the country responsible for making get the invitation. At the moment, the Vatican has not spoken about it officially.

Although North Korea and the Vatican do not maintain formal diplomatic relations, the president of the southern republic, Moon Jae In, will be the one to hand Kim’s invitation to Pope Francis, whose meeting is scheduled for next week. President Moon will visit the Vatican on October 17 and 18 to reaffirm his blessing and support for the peace and stability of the Korean peninsula,” the spokesman said at a press conference.

“When he meets with Pope Francis, he will convey President Kim’s message that he will welcome him warmly if he visits Pyongyang,” they say from South Korea. Kim Jong Un told Moon that he wanted to meet with the Pope during the summit of the two leaders last month, the spokesman added, without giving further details about the moment.

The constitution of North Korea guarantees freedom of religion, but beyond a handful of places of worship controlled by the State, no open religious activity is allowed.

The invitation to the pope is the first from a North Korean leader since 2000. Although that meeting, proposed by Kim’s father, Kim Jong II, never materialized, the plan for Francisco’s visit is the latest North East diplomatic initiative year.

With information from BBC

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