Khashoggi was going to reveal use of chemical weapons by Riyadh

I saw him with him a week before his death. He was disgusted and worried, “a personal friend of The Washington Post columnist assassinated at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul (Turkey), quoted by the British newspaper Express, said on Sunday, maintaining the anonymity of the informant, whose words ‘look’ to Riyadh.

After many questions from the friend to Khashoggi, he told him that “he was getting evidence that Saudi Arabia had used chemical weapons. He said he hoped to get documentary evidence (…). All I can say is that the next thing I heard is he disappeared, “continues the note.

In more than three and a half years of war in Saudi Arabia and its allies against the poorest country in the Arab world, which have put half the Yemeni on the brink of famine, Riyadh had already been accused of using chemical weapons against the civil population. The British newspaper conjectures that the weapon in question was phosphorus.

“If Khashoggi actually had evidence that Saudi Arabia has been diverting phosphorus for this purpose, it would be extremely embarrassing for the (Saudi) regime and would give us the most likely reason why Riyadh may have acted against him,” told the Express the chemical warfare specialist Hamish of Bretton-Gordon.

The British newspaper also cites different sources related to British espionage, saying that he was aware of the plot to kidnap Khashoggi three weeks before October 2, the day the columnist entered the consulate and did not go out again.

According to these sources, the orders of the plan against the journalist would have been given by a “member of the royal circle” Saudi other than Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, who would have “left the door open” to options other than kidnapping and transfer to Saudi territory, in case Khashoggi opposed resistance.

The British Foreign Intelligence Service (MI6) would have called Riyadh to cancel the criminal operation for not being a “good idea”, the publication says, but that request was ignored and MI6 did not see it necessary to inform Washington, without being clear if it was due to political differences with Khashoggi or to avoid the imminent disclosure of the use of chemical weapons in Yemen.

With info from Express and HispanTV

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  1. noviembre 23, 2018

    […] in possession of a damning recording of Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman giving the order to murder Jamal Khashoggi. The de facto Saudi leader can be heard calling for journalist Jamal Khashoggi to be […]

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