Beijing school attacker injures 20 children

One man attacked and injured 20 children from a school in Beijing, 3 of them were seriously injured, although it is believed that their lives are out of danger. There is conflicting information about the weapon used by the attacker.

On Tuesday, 20 children were injured by an attack at a primary school in Beijing, China, reported news agency Xinhua and the South China Morning Post.

There is disagreeing information about the weapon that the man who perpetrated it would have used: there is talk of a hammer or a knife. All the injured children, 3 of them seriously, have been transferred to hospitals.

The Xicheng District Police communicated through the Weibo social network that none of the children is at risk of life.

Authorities have arrested a man suspected of being the alleged perpetrator of the attack while they continue to investigate the incident, which took place at the elementary school shortly after 11:15 (local time).

The school, Beijing No. 1 Affiliated Elementary School of Xuanwu Normal School, was founded in 1908. According to the school’s website, it has 2,537 students and 199 teaching personnel.

According to the South China Morning Post, the suspect on suspicion is a “school staff member”. “The details are not yet clear,” wrote a father of one of the school’s children at WeChat. “All these children were attacked by an adult,” he added.

In late October, a woman wounded 14 children in a kindergarten in Chongqing Township, central China, with a kitchen knife. Although the Asian country tries to maintain a secure country image, attacks on schools are apparently quite common.

Last April, a 28-year-old boy killed 9 people and wounded 10, in a school in the north of the country, allegedly for having suffered bullying as a student of the school.



With information from Xinhua and South China Morning Post

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