Arrested suspect for murder of Bulgarian journalist

An unidentified suspect was arrested Tuesday in Bulgaria, in connection with the shocking murder of Bulgarian journalist Victoria Marinova, who was raped and hanged in a crime that could be connected to her professional activity.

The authorities limited themselves to describing the suspect as “a Romanian citizen with a Moldovan passport,” according to national radio.

On Monday, the Bulgarian interior minister, Mladen Marinov, had admitted that the investigation did not have any main clues and worked with all the hypotheses.

The Bulgarian journalist Marinova, 30, was the administrative director and presenter on the regional TV channel TVN. Her lifeless body was found last Saturday in Ruse, with signs that she had been raped and mistreated with “extreme brutality.”

The authorities have managed to reconstruct the journalist’s last steps, found her car and sent all the belongings found to the National Institute of Criminology for examination. However, they found that the victim’s mobile phone was missing, as well as the keys to his car, glasses and part of his clothes.

Hundreds of Bulgarians gathered Monday night in vigils in honor of the journalist. Some placed candles, images of their faces and roses – the national flower – at the foot of a monument in Ruse.

Marinova had recently been involved in the coverage of an investigation carried out by a group of Bulgarian journalists on companies involved in infrastructure projects financed by the European Union and administered by local authorities.

In the latest RSF ranking on press freedom, Bulgaria ranks 111th out of 180 countries, by far the worst in the EU, as it is regularly accused of corruption in its media environment, which violates press freedom.

With information from RT and AFP

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