120 million messages and Facebook accounts for sale

There is no week that Facebook is not splashed by some scandal related to the lack of privacy of the social network. In fact, from the subject of Cambridge Analytica, the issue of user data and its safeguard, in the midst of the approval of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has done nothing but add fuel to the fire. In this context, the BBC echoes the sale of more than 120 million user accounts, which include, among many other things, private messages.

The British media has been able to talk to those responsible for the hack through their delegation in Russia and confirm the theft of data and the sale of credentials to access the accounts, although it is not clear if at any time they will get sell such amount of data and to whom. In addition everything seems to point out that the security of Facebook itself has not been compromised, at least as confirmed by the company.

According to the BBC, criminals would have had access to this amount of data using the “old” technique of the bar / browser extension with malware, which puts into question more the work of users in terms of monitoring their security than Facebook. However, media has not confirmed this point, and therefore the tool used by criminals is unknown.

Although the majority of compromised accounts are from Russia and Ukraine, the BBC has been able to confirm that there are credentials from other countries also for sale, among them from the UK, the United States and some European countries and Latin America.

At the moment you can not confirm which accounts are exactly compromised, so we recommend that you change your password if you have used browser extensions suspicious of malware.


With info from BBC

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